Tymek Borowski – Chrysalis Art Direction/design


Tymek Borowski (born 1984) is a painter, author of 3D graphics, animations, infographics, murals, posters, digital portraits based on interviews.

He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at Professor Leon Tarsewicz’s studio (graduated in 2009). Between 2008 and 2012 he co-founded a few art collectives and galleries, among them “A” Gallery, Kolonie, internet-based project Billy Gallery (2012) and an experimental design company Czosnek Studio (2012). 

In 2013 Tymek Borowski was awarded the VIEWS Deutsche Bank Foundation Award and “Polityka” Passport Award.

Apart from galleries and art institutions, he collaborates with companies, scientific institutions and NGO’s on various projects, from synthesizing and visualizing knowledge, to creating commissioned artworks for ad campaigns. He lives in Warsaw. 



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